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Wacoal Bra Fit Guide

At Wacoal we understand that helping women find their perfect bra size
is just as important as designing comfortable high fashion style.
Our team of expert fit consultants has worked in person and on the
telephone with thousands of women to determine the bra sizes and styles
that will give them the support, shape, and comfort they need and want.

Wacoal Bra Fit Guide
Anatomy of a Bra
Wacoal Bra Fit Guide
Many women think of bras as beautiful and functional garments that
enhance how they look in their clothes. While this is certainly true, bras
are actually complex garments carefully designed to do their job. If you
were to inspect the bras in your collection, you would discover that they
have common features-a band, straps (usually), cups, and a center gore-
each one of which plays an important role in supporting your breasts
and keeping you comfortable throughout the day.

The Band

The band is located at the bottom of the bra and runs
all the way around the garment.

The band is largely responsible for supporting
the breasts in the cups of the bra.

How It Should Fit
The band should be snug around the rib cage and rest
slightly lower than your shoulders in the back.

Wacoal Bra Fit Guide

The Straps

Most bras (except those known as strapless) have straps
that rest on the shoulders. Straps often have decorative
details or pretty embellishments on them.

Bra straps keep the garment in place on your body.
In general they are not responsible for supporting
your breasts in the cups.

How It Should Fit
Once you have fastened your bra, you should be able to
just slide your thumb underneath the straps. If this is
not possible the straps are probably too tight and might
dig into your shoulders. If you have a lot of space for your
thumb, the straps are probably too loose and your bra
might ride up on you.

Wacoal Bra Fit Guide

The Cups

Cups come in an array of styles-such as lace, lined,
unlined, seamless-and are frequently the prettiest
part of the bra.

Seamed or seamless, lined or unlined, the purpose of
all bra cups is to contain and shape breast tissue.

How It Should Fit
When you are wearing your bra, your breasts should be
fully contained in the cups, which should not pucker,
wrinkle, or gap. You know you have chosen the correct
cup size if the center of your breast tissue is resting in
the center of each cup.

Wacoal Bra Fit Guide

The Center Gore

The center gore is the part of the bra that connects the
two cups. Sometimes the gore is decorative and sometimes
it is simply functional. Either way, it can influence how a
bra fits, feels, and functions.

Despite its generally small size, the gore plays an important
role in how a bra functions by helping to separate and
shape the breasts.

How It Should Fit
The center gore should rest flat against the chest wall
or center chestbone.

Are You Wearing the Right Size Bra?

Now that you know how your bra should fit and feel, put it to the test!
Your bra should stay in place and remain comfortable whether you are sitting,
standing, or jumping up and down. If you feel your bra shifting, pulling, or
poking you are probably wearing the wrong size.

If that is the case, call a Wacoal fit consultant today at
Monday to Friday 9 a.m.-8 p.m. EST. and she will help you find the size
that's just right for you.
Wacoal Bra Fit Guide