Wearing the right bra can enhance an outfit as much as, or even more than stylish shoes, a matching scarf, or a great necklace. It can make a top drape just right, a neckline plunge perfectly, or cleavage appear in a sexy yet sophisticated way. A properly fitted, high quality bra will provide all day comfort, improve appearance, and inspire confidence. Many women do not place enough importance on their lingerie, often choosing it by price, appearance, or convenience alone. Sometimes it's hard to know which bra to choose to get the best look. Building a lingerie wardrobe that includes most of these styles will solve that problem because you will always have the bra you need for the look you are trying to achieve. Start shopping for your new wardrobe of Wacoal bras!

Seamed bras are worn under suits, blouses, and heavier fabrics, making them perfect for everyday and casual wear. The seams maximize lift and support and provide excellent separation of the breast tissue, which make the bras especially comfortable and attractive for women with full figures.

The Wacoal Retro Chic and Embrace Lace are good examples of comfortable and reliable seamed bras.

Seamless bras are the perfect solution for fine gauge knits and t-shirts because they provide comfort and support as well as a smooth silhouette.

For some seamless favorites, check out Wacoal's Awareness and Basic Beauty Bras.

Contour bras are lightly lined making them must-haves when you want great shaping and opacity too. Seamless contours are also winners under t-shirts and knits. Contours come in a variety of styles including some with convertibility.

Wacoal offers the French Garden, Soft and Seductive, and a variety of other contour bras.

T-back bras work great under sleeveless or tank-styled tops.

Check out Body by Wacoal for ideas about the t-back that might work best in your wardrobe.

Strapless bras are a terrific solution for complicated necklines or eveningwear.

For strapless bras that will stay in place and look great all day (or night!) long, try the Halo and Red Carpet Strapless Bras.

Minimizer bras are a great wardrobe solution for women who would like to appear smaller busted or who would like their clothes to fit better. The average Wacoal minimizer reduces the bust line approximately one inch.

Wacoal offers some pretty and perfect minimizers, check out our Simple Shaping and Slimline Bras for some ideas.

Push up bras naturally enhance the bust line for a more voluptuous look making them perfect for tops with plunging necklines.

Wacoal's favorite push up is the iBra. Check it out - you're bound to love it as much as we do!

Sport bras are great for exercise of all different kinds, from aerobics and tennis to gardening and golf.

For a bra that will move right along with you, check out Wacoal Sport.

Add a drop dead sexy bra... just because women deserve it.

Wacoal's sensuous fabrics and exquisite details make Embrace Lace the ultimate in sexy.