a bra wardrobe
Wearing the right bra can make you look and feel amazing. A properly fitting, high quality bra will provide
all day comfort, improve appearance, and inspire confidence . Check out our suggestions for the bras that should be an
essential part of your wardrobe. We want to help make your beauty regimen as fun and easy as possible.

t-shirt bras
T-Shirt Bras (also known as contour bras) have cups that are lightly lined with materials that help shape the bust without adding bulk, such as spacer fabric or a thin layer of foam. T-Shirt Bras are perfect under tight-fitting or lightweight tops because they smooth, shape, and conceal nipples.
  seamless bras
Seamless Bras lend a smooth look to the bust line, making them great under knits and other clingy fabrics. They also offer excellent support for a beautiful silhouette.
lace bras
Lace Bras are perfect for special occasions or times when you want to feel especially feminine or sexy. These bras make women feel girlish and innocent as well as sexy and sophisticated.
  racerback bras
Racerback/T-Back Bras feature straps that are close to the neck, which prevents slippage and leaves the shoulders free. The straps also meet between the shoulder blades to form a "T" or "Y" shape in the back. This design enables straps to offer extra support and stay anchored in place. Racerback Bras are perfect under tanks or other shoulder-baring tops.
strapless bras
Strapless Bras are an essential part of a good wardrobe because they can be worn with so many different fashions. The detachable straps that come with the pictured bra can be worn in halter, crisscross, or one shoulder style. Straps can also be worn in the traditional way, making these great everyday bras. Strapless bras are often the perfect choice for brides or members of bridal parties.
  minimizer bras
Minimizer Bras reduce the bust line for a streamlined appearance.This type of bra can help solve wardrobe challenges like closing buttons and zippers that are difficult to fasten. Minimizer bras come in different styles including ones featuring lace that will make you look stunning.
push up bras
Push Up Bras enhance the bust, helping to create a voluptuous, sexy look. These bras are an important part of a bra wardrobe because they give natural curves a stunning appearance, and they work particularly well with tops having deep V or plunging necklines.
  sport bras
Sport Bras are an important part of a wardrobe because they hold the breast tissue closer to the chest wall during activity and they are usually made from fabrics that wick moisture away from the skin to keep you cool and dry. Some sport bras are made for high impact exercise while others are made for medium and low impact activities.
sleep bras
Sleep Bras are those comfy pieces of lingerie made from soft, stretch fabric that give you just a bit of support. Most sleep bras are wire free, which makes them extra comfortable.  These are also called bralettes.
  seamed bras
Seamed Bras lend structure to the bust line.  This type of bra design works well with garments made from fabrics with heavier weights and texture. Seamed bras maximize lift and shape, making suits look amazing.

The Wacoal Retro Chic and Embrace Lace™ are good examples of comfortable and reliable seamed bras.